Best Fitbit Devices for seniors

Best Fitbit Devices for seniors

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Why not make your workouts more exciting with a Fitbit Health Monitor? Senior health remains a crucial factor for most and simple exercises may help keep your heart and mind fighting fit. There are lots of ways to make a seniors fitness regime a little more interesting, including with a heart rate monitoring Fitbit. Fitness trackers have been around for a while but they’re more advanced than ever before. They’re wearable and can make every day workouts more appealing.

Did you know that seniors between the ages of 70 and 89 were less likely to take part in regular exercise? It’s not unsurprising because as you hit retirement age, you want to sit back, relax, and do whatever you want. Unfortunately, it can impact your life negatively. A study conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2014 found the benefits of low-impact exercises.

The study also showed how beneficial those low-impact exercises can be for millions around the world, regardless of their age or fitness abilities. It’s possible to improve basic fitness with low-impact exercises, such as walking and the best thing of all – it’s free to do. With Fitbit fitness trackers you can track your progress and create goals too.

Control seniors activities

How to Benefit from Fitness Trackers for seniors?

The Fitbit is a smart device but it can help those who want to actively improve on their health and wellbeing. A Fitbit health tracker can improve your overall fitness. While it can’t do the workouts for you, it’ll help set goals and push you towards achieving them. You can start at the very bottom in terms of fitness levels then work your way to the next, improving your health and fitness as you go. Remember, elderly people have to fight against arthritis, and staying active may be a way to combat it.

Staying active is important. Unfortunately, seniors are at greater risk of developing arthritis and other debilitating health conditions. As a result, they need to find a way to prevent their muscles and joints from seizing up and causing them pain. Exercise may help improve their overall fitness and that could reduce the onset of some health issues. Seniors’ fitness regime can improve with fitness trackers. Fitbits are tools that will remind an elderly person it’s time for their exercise or gives them a friendly push to do it.

Fitness trackers also come with a variety of applications (all built-in) and most will be able to use them with relative ease. Older people can benefit from smart devices like the Fitbit because it’s more user-friendly and offers a range of apps they can enjoy using. They can offer friendly reminders for important milestones, alarms, and much more.

How to Choose a Fitbit Tracker for seniors?

There’s little doubt that as you age, your body isn’t as supple or as reliable as it used to be. Unfortunately, your body gets frail so very easily and it’s harder to lose weight and overcome simple flu and infections. A Fitbit health tracker can be one of the more useful tools to purchase when you reach a certain age. A fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor can be a friendly tool to get your fitness on track and boost your activity.

  • Comfort

It’s essential for fitness tracking for elderly people to be comfortable to wear. There’s nothing worse than a fitness tracker that’s irritable on the skin or causes itchiness; it’s important the device is comfortable at all times, especially during a fitness workout. You must pay particular attention to the type of strap or band the Fitbit comes with so that the right one for you can be found.

  • User-Friendly

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how comfortable you are with smart devices, you want simplicity. Seniors don’t want something that’s too complex because it’s an annoyance and unlikely to last more than a few days before it gets binned. When you’re searching for a fitness tracker for seniors, it’s essential to look at how user-friendly it is. That also includes the types of applications and features it has, such as a senior friendly medical alert app.

  • Costs

Everyone worries about the price of a Fitbit and it remains an important point for most, especially seniors who may require a budget-friendly device. Fitness trackers need to be cost-effective with a host of user-friendly apps for seniors. Costs will vary depending on the brand and the features it has. Fortunately, there are lots of affordable smart devices that offer simple fitness apps.

Choosing a fitness tracker or Fitbit can be simpler than you believe but you do have to consider the above point (and more) to find a senior-friendly device. You also want to ensure the device offers the best value for money.

Tips to Consider When Searching For a Fitbit Tracker

With endless options for fitness trackers and Fitbits, there are a few things you should consider when searching for a new device.

  • The Design of the Fitbit

As said above, comfort is a necessity for any fitness device or tracker; however, you also want a device that’s easy-to-use with a simple design. While you do want lots of smart features, it should be designed with older users in mind. What’s more, you don’t want a bulky Fitbit; that means the screen size should be a reasonable size. Of course, if you need a larger screen because of problems with your vision then that’s fine; if not, a smaller device would be more suited.

  • How User-Friendly The Device Is

Smart devices, especially for seniors and older people, need to be easy-to-use. They should offer a variety of simple apps including step counting and exercise recognition, so that all users can complete their workouts with relative ease. Complicated interface features aren’t always user-friendly and may prove an obstacle for some seniors. Fitbit devices offer basic user-friendly features that enable more to use them without trouble.

  • The Display and Screen Size

As previously said, larger screens are useful for those with sight limitations but you don’t want a bulky device either. You have to balance the screen size and the bulkiness of the fitness tracker. Also, you want a display that offers good resolution for easy reading.

  • How Waterproof Is The Device?

Water-resistance isn’t always given much thought, yet, it can be a very useful feature to consider. Whether you’re walking in heavy rains or going for a lap around the local swimming pool, your fitness device needs to be waterproof. Fortunately, Fitbit devices usually offer good water-resistance of up to 50 meters in depth so that’s very useful, especially if you like to swim. No matter which device you’re selecting, it’s important to consider how waterproof it is.

  • Does It Offer Heart Rate Monitoring?

Heart health remains a vital issue for billions around the world – old and young – and seniors are at greater risk of developing cardiovascular problems. A heart rate monitoring Fitbit can be a crucial tool in the fight against heart disease. If you want to look after your heart, a Fitbit that monitors your heart rate would be useful as you get to see your heart rate or beats per minute. This might give you the kick needed to look after your heart a little more.

Top 6 Best Fitbit Devices for seniors

While all Fitbit devices can be used by most, there are some that could benefit seniors more. Here are six of the best options to consider.

3DFitBud Simple Step Counter

The 3DFitBud Simple Step Counter is a wearable device and can be clipped onto your clothing. For only around $25, the device will count the number of calories you burn, along with distance walked, and how many steps you’ve taken.

fitbit one

The One has a variety of impressive features, including the ones the Fitbit Zip offers. It costs around $100 and will also track your sleeping patterns and the stairs you climb.

fitbit flex

The Flex is similar to the Fitbit One. It sports the same features and costs the same at $100. The Flex, however, comes in a wristband form so can be worn around the wrist like a watch.

fitbit surge


You have two versions of the Charge available – both in wristband form. For $130, you get the sleep and activity tracker. Or, for $150, you can get the Charge that tracks heart rate and a few extras. Fortunately, both come with a caller ID feature.

fitbit surge


This sports all of the Fitbit Charge features and has GPS tracking available. The Surge can be used as a watch and has music controls too.

This smart watch is one of the more expensive Fitbit devices available at around $200; however, it offers a lot. The Blaze allows you to track your sleep patterns and daily activities.

The above devices all allow you to record your information and send it via Bluetooth. You can upload and store your daily data to the Fitbit app or their website. The Fitbit app is also compatible with Android operating systems and the iPhone.

Buy the Best Fitness Tracker for seniors

Fitbit is one of the best types of fitness trackers available for seniors and older people. You can set daily, weekly, or monthly goals and track your progress easily. Compete against others or create daily challenges with Fitbit devices. You can also celebrate reaching your goals with rewards badges.

Fitbit devices are smart devices and allow you to chat and communicate with others like you. You can offer support to those just starting out on their fitness adventure or get help from those who’ve been where you are. It can be a great motivational tool and there are lots of senior Fitbit users and groups to join and exercise with. You can use the senior-friendly medical alert app and meet others just like you; it’s a great way to meet others and have fun staying active.

Stay Fighting Fit

Getting old doesn’t have to be as depressing as it sounds. There are lots of great ways to stay active, healthy, and to enjoy life to the full. If you want to stay active, why not look at an activity or fitness tracker? Fitbits are popular and there are many devices to choose from. You can stay active for longer as they give you a gentle boost to exercise.

With Fitbit devices, you can take part in a low-impact activity that keeps your joints moving and makes you feel healthier. Get a Fitbit health tracker and find out just how healthy you are; you might be surprised with the results.

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