Elderly Control Anxiety and Stress While Looking Celestial Stars Map

Elderly Control Anxiety and Stress While Looking Celestial Stars Map

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Have you tried sitting in a hammock chair and gazing at a custom-night-sky-star-map above in the sky? Most seniors and living alone people are stuck on their Smartphone’s and those in the later stages of their lives are guilty of the crime too. The reality of modern life is that while technology has advanced our lives in so many ways, it has also taken a lot of basic pleasures away from our everyday lives. Unfortunately, we also live in a world full of anxiety and stress, but did you know that gazing at the celestial bodies above could boost your mood and control anxiety and stress?

The stars above could help to boost an elderly person’s well being, not to mention their happiness. It has many different names such as open sky nature mindfulness, nature bathing, and even eco-therapy but no matter what you call it, it may reduce anxiety and stress. Elderly people can benefit from it and isn’t that better than being shut in at home and letting those feelings of loneliness creep in? Taking the time to appreciate the sky above could be a simple way to relieve your anxieties and reduce everyday stress.

Enjoy Nature Again and Expand Your Horizons

What does Cassiopeia look like? Is Orion a winter constellation, or is it a summer one? These are the type of things you can find out when you learn about the night’s sky maps. You’d be surprised with the things you didn’t know about the celestial bodies and it’s quite fun to learn too. Elderly people can especially benefit from this as it helps expand their minds and may even prevent loneliness creeping in. There are lots of groups available to join and can watch the Northern Lights go by. It’s quite an experience.

There’s a world of wonderful and beautiful nature outside your door. You should take advantage of it because it can help in so many ways. If you’ve been tired, stressed or just a little lack-luster of late, get outside and explore the true beauty of nature. It can clear your mind and make you feel better about yourself. Just look up at the night’s sky and take the time to watch the stars; how stressed do you feel now?

Watching Aurora Borealis
Seniors watching Aurora Borealis

How Nature Can Benefit the Elderly Living Alone

You don’t have to be a nature-lover to appreciate its beauty or to benefit from it either. Here are a few ways you can benefit from nature and the celestial plane.

  • Clearing Your Mind: Whether you gaze up to the sky and watch the twinkling stars or take a drive through the countryside, you can clear your mind. You focus on the glorious nature and don’t think about tapping away on a smart device or anything unimportant. Elderly people can especially clear their mind and push back the thoughts of loneliness.
  • Combat Depression: Watching the stars, potentially, may help push away those negative thoughts and feelings. Natural beauty spots can put things into prospectus and may help fight your blue feelings.
  • Reducing Those Feelings Of Stress: When you’re stressed, you can’t think right. You’re up and down and can’t concentrate on anything and you eventually make yourself sick. However, if you go outdoors and look at the nature around you, it may calm your nerves and reduce stress levels. You can go star gazing or view a green meadow, but no matter what it is, it captivates you and eases your stresses. That’s why nature is beneficial to those feeling overworked and stressed.
  • Relieving Anxiety: Everyone says you should exercise to relieving anxiety but for some, it’s not possible or enough. Being anxious makes your body feel very unwell and adds to your stress levels; however, going outdoors may relieve some of those feelings. Getting back to nature is going back to basics and that means focusing on the beauty around you rather than on the things that make you anxious.
  • Removing Negative Thoughts: Older people sometimes get something stuck on their mind and can’t think about anything else – most people are the same – but it can cause some negativity to creep in. Instead, taking a moment to gaze up to the night’s sky and watch the stars pass by might just keep those negative thoughts at bay. Also, it may help distract the mind from thinking about a concerning issue.
  • Fighting Fatigue: When an older person has a feeling of loneliness in their mind, they can go through a variety of emotions, including fatigue. Being mentally tired or fatigued can cause a host of other mental health issues and it’s hard to break from the cycle. By spending time surrounded by nature, it may help you fight back against mental fatigue.
  • Get Inspiration: Stuck in a rut? Staring out to the same boring scenery every day can lose its appeal quickly and impact how creative you are. By making a simple change, it could inspire you to become a better person. For instance, a camping trip allows you to do some star gazing at night and opens your creative ideas. It might even tackle seniors stress and unblock those mental anxieties holding you back. You can have a better night’s rest and wake feeling refreshed and energized.
  • Become More Social: Friends come and go but it can be difficult to make new friends or remain as sociable as you get older. Being alone at any age is awful but when you’re a senior, it feels like a death sentence. Fortunately, nature can spark something inside you that makes you want to get out and grab life by the shoulders. You may want to build on the relationships you have and take part in new social activities or groups.
  • Develop A Feeling of Belonging: You can feel disconnected from the world and it’s hard to feel as though you belong. However, nature walks and watching the night’s sky may enable you to see the world in a different light. You can develop a sense of belonging, knowing your part of something great in life.
  • Not So Lost: Who doesn’t feel lost at one stage in their lives? When you feel like that, take a look up at the night’s sky; now how do you feel? Sometimes, you don’t feel so lost. You might even be inspired to get out and become a better person.

Whether you believe in it or otherwise, some people can really benefit from looking at the celestial star map and taking nature walks. You’d be surprised what helps your body and mind.

Top 5 Wonders of Nature to View in the Night’s Sky

There are lots of simple night beauties to find in the night’s sky. You don’t need a telescope to view these following five beauties either.

Seniors watching the moon
Control anxiety and stress by watching the moon

1) The Moon

How often do you stop and look at the moon? It’s the simplest celestial body you’ll see in the night’s sky and it looks gorgeous. Even if you aren’t looking at a lunar eclipse, the moon can draw you in and make you think about the possibilities. Appreciate it.

2) Stars

Stars or constellations are all around us and they can amaze and excite. Unfortunately, with increasing light pollution, they can be lost in the haze. Why not take a step away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and look at the night’s sky in the countryside? You’ll see the endless stars circling above and while they’re million of miles away, every star is unique. They form a major part of the solar system we live in and while they look like dots, they can inspire your imagination. Stars and constellations can have a calming effect on the mind and body.

3) The Planets

Surprisingly, there are at least five planets you can see without the need of a telescope. Yes, you can view Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Venus with your naked eye. It’s not something you’d expect (or even believe) because they’re so far away from Earth but actually, during various points of the year, they’re visible. And, they’re a breathtaking sight. They can have a great calming effect on your mind.

4) Meteors

Meteors are actually visible in most moonless nights. While most months see a meteor shower, you can spot them at any given time as they pass by our atmosphere so closely. Sometimes, you’ll see them in the form of a shooting star. They can be a wonderful sight and help relieve some of your everyday stresses.

looking Aurora Borealis
Elderly man looking Aurora Borealis

5) Aurora Borealis (The Northern Lights)

Known as both the Northern Lights and Aurora Borealis, this is a wondrous sight. Anyone lucky to view the Northern Lights will gaze on its beauty and be amazed. Depending on where you live, you might be able to see this and it’s quite distinctive. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, there’s a greater chance you’ll see it.

The night’s sky opens the door to a world of possibilities and it’s truly amazing. It’s unique on so many levels and makes you want to explore more. Learning about the night’s sky can allow you to catch a meteor or spot the various constellations.

Control Anxiety and Stress with the Stars Map

Nature is unique; it’s all around us and vast. There’s still so much of it unexplored but has a natural magnet that draws you in. The sky is a part of that nature; it has so much to explore and view, especially at night. It makes you feel worthwhile and important which is essential for older people and seniors. They are the ones most at risk of being left behind and alone but they can also take back control of the anxieties and stresses they feel.

Gazing at the sky above and everyday natural beauties can make life more worthwhile and fulfilling. Take time to look at the simple everyday things around you and you may see them in a new light.

The Stars Are a Part of Life

Stars watch over you and have been around since the dawn of time. They can mean so much to you personally and are to be admired. When you look at them, what do they make you feel? Do they take you back to your childhood? Do they let you remember all of the good times with someone special in your life? Everyone uses the stars for guidance and so much more. You can’t fully understand them but they have a deep impact on life.

Why not put your smart device down and watching the nighty sky stars map? Take time for the simple things in life and get back to the wonderful nature.

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