Jumpsend Vs Feedback Whiz; a Comparative Analysis

Jumpsend Vs Feedback Whiz; a Comparative Analysis

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With rising competition in the Amazon business, sellers need to find hacks and better ways to get to the first page. This has given rise to the different seller and customer-based online tools and software to make tasks easy. Both Jumpsend and Feedback Whiz are online tools that help in benefiting Amazon sellers.

Here is a quick summary of these two tools and how it can take your business to the next level.

What is Jumpsend?

Jumpsend, created by Jungle Scout, is an online tool that helps Amazon sellers to boost up their product visibility, sale velocity, maintain product ranking, get reviews, and a good way to kick start their online business. Jumpsend has over 100,000 active shoppers who are ready to buy their favorite product at a discounted rate.

It is both a consumer and seller-based online platform. Who doesn’t like to buy at a discounted price?

Customers are naturally attracted to a lower price. So, Jumpsend provides them with a variety of discounted products, deals or coupons to be used on Amazon.

How does Jumpsend Works:

For Sellers:

You need to choose a product from the list that you wish to place on a discount, edit a listing, protect inventory, create coupons, select shoppers and give it a final review. Your product should be among the 18 approved categories on Jumpsend. It is only for Amazon.

Other than Jumpsend, there seems to be another game-changer; Samurai.Social. It is not limited to Amazon only; you can find other market places as well like eBay, Walmart, and Shopify.

Jumpsend helps in successfully launching your product. It is a great way to save up money on campaigns and Facebook Ads. Your product can receive organic sales, good reviews, increase ranking for keywords, automated responder, email campaigns, good customer service, and more. It provides a free 3-day trial. Its monthly subscription starts from $39/ month to $69/month, depending upon the plan you choose.


The Game changer Samurai.Social:

Another way to rank your product is through micro-influencers. Micro-Influencers are people with 1000 or more followers on social media platforms. Through these influencers, you can get your product to their social circle and increase organic sales. Samurai.Social is an online platform where you can find micro-influencers to use your product for promotion. Are you a micro-influencer? Then this platform is made for you where you generate social proof for the seller’s product and earn a good amount. It is even easier for the sellers as they do not have to pay a monthly subscription fee, but only when they post a campaign.

A very interesting feature about Jump send’s email automation is that you can send email campaigns in your mother tongue in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, France, Italy, and Germany. It creates a more personalized experience for the reader.

For Customers:

Customers are provided with a wide range of different discounted products. They can search and select their desired product by applying different filters like price, discount range, category, and sorting. They can get coupons from there and apply to Amazon’s site. Once they order, they will be provided with an auto-generated e-mail about the product and an option to review the product.

What is Feedback Whiz?

Feedback Whiz is seller-based software that helps in managing Amazon’s business. Working on Amazon is no easy peasy task. It can be frustrating at times. This software helps the sellers in automating their daily Amazon tasks and giving them time to relax. It is also considered to be a product review tool or feedback software.

Features of Feedback Whiz:

Feedback Whiz helps monitor daily automated tasks. It generates automated e-mails to buyers on Amazon and can also request the customer to review the product. Feedbacks and reviews are important in influencing the customer buying decision. Their high converting e-mails can help increase the conversion rate. It also provides enhanced features where you can see which customer opened your e-mail.

Your success greatly depends upon how good your launch is. If you are new in a saturated marketplace, your product can get lost in the competition. You can use Viral Launch, AMZ Scout, Samurai.Social, Helium 10, LaunchPad, and more. Once you have a successful launch, and then come managing your business to maintain profit margins.

The formula of Success:

Successful Launch = Higher Product Visibility

Higher Product Visibility = More Organic Sales

More Organic Sales = More Profit Margins

As a seller, keeping an eye on your data is crucial. Feedback Whiz helps you understand how your business is doing. It helps in data analytics and monitoring. It will track your important matrices and update you with your profits. It allows the seller to compare different marketplaces. Comparison can give you an opportunity to grab the weak points of others and turn them into your plus point. You can also download the data for late study as well.

Alerts by Feedback Whiz:

It gives the seller alerts on different actions. You will get notifications on the shipment of your product, refunds, reviews, feedback, and more. These alerts can help you to act quickly. Your Amazon business can improve on how promptly you act on your notifications.

A nightmare of every seller is negative feedback. If you receive one, Feedback Whiz will alert you. There, you need to take action and respond professionally with information. How you respond will shape up customer’s image of your product. There are other alternatives to remove negative feedback like offering a refund, request Amazon for removal, or generating more positive social proof through influencers using Samurai.Social.

It starts from $19.99/ month up to $139.99/ month. A free trial is available for 30 days.


With increasing saturation on Amazon, merchants need to find a competitive edge over others. Both tools provide diversified features that can help your product to stand out. Tools are there to take off your workload. Jumpsend is great for providing deals, coupons, and discounts which helps the seller to boost their conversions, and customers to enjoy buying a product at a lower price. Feedback Whiz helps in automating the management of your daily duties with multiple enhanced features.

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