Must Have Products For Elderly Living Alone

Must Have Products For Elderly Living Alone

Living alone defines independence and can be possible with these must-have products for the elderly living alone. In other words, living alone offers a sense of security, comfort, and familiarity.

As a senior sometimes, independence can be taking away from them when they are under constant care by another individual or healthcare provider.

However, to encourage the independent living of seniors who are healthy and can live on their own, I will discuss these essential products for the elderly living alone.

These products can be purchased online and are user-friendly. For the convenience of the reader, there are online stores where Assistive Devices, Mobility Aids and Senior Aids can be purchased.

Must-Have Products to help the Elderly in the year 2020

1. Medical Guardian Mobile Medical Alert System:


For seniors, if you experienced a traumatic event where you had a recent fall, stroke, heart attack or a chronic medical condition, this life alert device is highly recommended if you are living alone.

This device has the ability to detect falls, track GPS, monitor for 24 hours and has two-way speakers. Once this device is all set up, your loved ones are just seconds away.

2. Grab Bars

Grab bars

Grab bars can be installed anywhere and is especially popular in washrooms. It is a “device” per se, to help you get up from the floor if you fall.

This is by far one of the most useful products to have in the house if you are living alone. There are two kinds of grab bars that can be bought: suction-based grab bar or one that needs to be installed.

Depending on what you prefer, in my opinion, if you are an elderly living alone, the installed grab bar is more durable. The last thing you need is when you need to latch onto a grab bar that falls off the wall when you try to grab it amidst a slip or fall.

3. Reading Magnifier for Elderly

Magnifiers are great for a variety of uses, and can greatly enhance the quality of your life by helping you see much better. Reading magnifiers, for example, can enhance the size of small text.

Reading can become difficult for many as they age, and it helps with makes reading easier for everyone.

4. Grip Bath Mat

Falling in the bathtub is very common for seniors. Falling when you are alone with no one around to help can be traumatizing. What can you do to prevent yourself from falling in the bathtub? A grip mat.

This mat will stick well on any non-tile surface, has a non-slip surface and is machine washable.

5. Reacher Grabber by Vive

When you want to grab a plate or the tomato sauce from the top shelf and you don’t have anyone around to help, it can be frustrating. Standing on a stool might not be the safest for the elderly.

Therefore, the Reacher Grabber makes it to the list of “must-have products”. You can grab things from the top shelf, the floor, behind furniture, or simply grabbing the remote from the coffee table across from you. Comfort and convenience, all in one!

6. GreatCall Mobile Phones for Seniors

There are special cell phones that can be purchased for seniors. These cellular devices are much simpler than any of the smartphones we have today. Jitterbug by Great Call is a great option to choose.

It comes either as a flip phone or with features like a smart phone. It is easy to use, easy to handle, allows voice typing; has a lasting battery life and some useful apps directed toward seniors.

7. Shower Chair/ Chair Assist Device

Showering can be a daunting task for some seniors. The risk of slipping or falling can be huge, even with a grip mat sometimes. With a shower chair, you can sit, shower and relax without having to worry about balancing.

There are several shower chair products online. There are chairs that don’t require any tools for assembly, has a removable back, come with lightweight rust-proof material to ensure durability.

8. Parkinson’s Gyroscope spoon

If you suffer from a condition called Parkinson’s disease, tremor is a common symptom. This can make it difficult to get through daily routines and mealtime. Tremors might hinder a senior from living independently, and further cause frustration in the person’s wellbeing.

There are Gyroscope spoons designed with a stabilizing handle. The Michael J.Fox Foundation (MJFF) has partnered with Melvin Weinstein Parkinson’s Foundation (MWPF) to offer a brand called Liftware Steady to seniors who can benefit from this technology.

9. Weighted blanket device to help elderly

Sleep problems often come with age. On average, older adults need about 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night to stay healthy and well rested.

Unfortunately, not many seniors get the satisfactory sleep that they require. In surveys, people age 65 and older consistently suffer higher rates of insomnia compared to younger people.

Some causes of insomnia could be due to either a shift in their circadian rhythm, illnesses and/or medical conditions. For some seniors, the decline in physical activity can also impact sleep. Good sleep is important.

The weighted blanket has many beneficial outcomes. It can help reduce stress, ease restless leg syndrome, reduce anxiety, fight depression, manage symptoms of Alzheimer’s and most importantly, improve the quality of sleep.

10. Wiping Aid for Obese

Wiping can be challenging for those who are obese, handicapped and aged. There are three popular wiping aid that can be found in the market:

Bottom Buddy, Freedom Want/Bathroom Toilet aid, and Juvo Toilet Aid with Caddy.

Senior Home Care Equipment

There are many online resources that can provide information on assistive devices for seniors. One example is the Conval-Aid Health Care Specialist. They offer home health equipment that helps make it possible for seniors to stay alone in their homes instead of a nursing home or other institutional setting.

Their approach to home care is to provide seniors with the customized support they need in order to keep their independence. Healthcare Solutions is another resource for assistive devices. Healthcare Solutions is a source for all of the holistic health and wellness needs.

They can ship a large selection of home healthcare products straight to your door. They have a rapid turn around time and fast delivery service. The website is designed like a catalogue, you can browse through their list of selections that are “must-have” for daily living, physiotherapy, fitness.

They have solutions for mobility, incontinence, skin health, orthopedics, and footcare as well.  Healthcare Solutions is also a supplier of medical, surgical, and clinical supplies.


Living alone can be possible if you are an elderly. All the must haves described above will improve your quality of life significantly while still maintaining your independence. Living in your own home, being able to do things on your own doesn’t have to be difficult.

Though total isolation probably isn’t a good thing, for some, however, they just enjoy being alone. Seniors who live alone often times have a tiny circle of friends that feel the same way.

However, before deciding on living alone (even with the must-haves mentioned above), consulting with your doctor about whether it’s the best for you, is essential.

Planning ahead is hard because you never know how your needs might change. The first step is to think about the kinds of help you might want in the near future.

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